I am strong inside

POSTED BY Napayshni
May 11, 2017

What is your first name?


Does Your name have any significant or sentimental meaning?

My grandfather named me. He loved boys. He had this kind of belief that male children are a pillar of strength to the family. He made sure we had a special name that will also show how important we are to the family. This brought about the name Napayshni – Strong and Courageous.

What is your background/heritage and why is it important to you?

I am Native American by heritage. I believe that irrespective of who you are, there is a reason you were born. I dedicate all it takes to be successful in my business and commercial affairs. I strongly believe I should be able to achieve each and every one of my great material dreams. I focus so strongly on my business and achievement, and at the same time, I do not neglect my private lives and relationships.

What is the most challenging experience you have faced or are currently facing in your life and how did you/are you facing that challenge?

My most challenging experience so far was being bullied by my playmates when I was young. I made up my mind that there is more to life than just fighting and being rebellious. I focused more on trying to achieve my dreams. I do not want to oppress, I always want to help others.

What do you think will make the world a better place and what role can you play?

I think the world will be a better place if we are competent, practical, and often try as much as possible not to be pushed aside or discouraged in our cause to obtain great power and wealth. However, this should be done with a positive motive. We should be ready to help other with our power and wealth.

What do you wish others would know about you that they cannot tell on the surface?

That I have a deep inner desire. I am always willing to inspire others in a higher cause. I also like to share my strongly held views on spiritual matters.