My grandmother named me. She …

April 23, 2017

What is your first name?


Does Your name have any significant or sentimental meaning?

My grandmother named me. She was a horticulturist. She loved her flowers. She believed they were lovely creatures that should be cared for. Unlike other mothers and grandmothers who preferred male children, my grandmother loved females. She gave me the name Quynh – “Night Bloom Flower”

What is your background/heritage and why is it important to you?

I’m Vietnamese. We are really famous for our art and culture. Since I was a girl, I am a lover of art. I just love making wonderful designs using my creative instincts. To me, art is like a passion. I give it my all anytime I make one.

What is the most challenging experience you have faced or are currently facing in your life and how did you/are you facing that challenge?

My most challenging experience was my upbringing. I wasn’t born into a wealthy family. While I watched other kids play, I had to help my parents out. I help sell their arts and wares. That was the little I could do to contribute as of that time. As time goes on, I started producing my arts.

What do you think will make the world a better place and what role can you play?

I think the world will be a better place if we love and appreciate ourselves. Irrespective of your status, never forget your family or background. They made you who you are.

What do you wish others would know about you that they cannot tell on the surface?

That I am very caring, and always ready to help. I like helping aged people. I see it as an obligation. Because, when I grow old, I know I will need someone to help me too.