Yes, I was named after …

POSTED BY My first name is Gelin, pronounced as Helin.
January 3, 2018

What is your first name?

My first name is Gelin, pronounced as Helin.

Does Your name have any significant or sentimental meaning?

Yes, I was named after both my grandmothers. My first name, Gelin, was taken from my maternal grandmother. My middle name, Georgina, was taken from my paternal grandmother. Only my maternal grandma is living.

What is your background/heritage and why is it important to you?

Well, I was raised in Belize, a small caribbean/Central American country. However, I, like most of my family, was born in Honduras. Now, my family is scattered in Honduras and the US. My parents and my cousin are the only family I have here in Belize. Anyways, because we have a scattered family, our roots are being lost. I have cousins who don’t even know me and they can’t even speak spanish. We’re mestizo, we’re latinos and it’s all slowly getting lost. It’s sad to me because I love my heritage. It’s what I’m made of. I am proud of who I am and where I come from. I’ve traced my family line to the 1600’s and we’ve always been a Honduran family (on both sides of my families). However, it’s slowly dying.

What is the most challenging experience you have faced or are currently facing in your life and how did you/are you facing that challenge?

Well, my family has faced a lot of financial problems. Mid 2017, we had to move from the house where I was raised. It was all because we had to. We couldn’t continue living there anymore because the owner didn’t want to rent out the house anymore. Anyway, this brought a lot of expense to my family. Not to mention that it was just in time when school fees were due. I almost felt like dropping out, but I knew I couldn’t. The best way to get out of poverty is through determination and education. So I strived on, even though I knew it cost my parents a lot. Now College is near and I’m pursuing a degree in a field where I can graduate quickly, but still enjoy it. I love science and I’m pretty good in Bio, Chem and Physics. So I’ll study, graduate, work, save money and go back to school. I’m very thankful too that my family is now in a stable situation.

What do you think will make the world a better place and what role can you play?

I think love and acceptance will change the world. There is too much hate in the world right now and it all stems from not accepting and loving one another. We’re living in 2018, where there are hundreds of sexualities, cultures, religions, identities and etc. Instead of judging and excluding one another, we need to accept and love eachother. We’re all human beings no matter what. What use does it make to hate? It only destroys us more. I, as just a speck of dust in this universe, can accept and love my neighbors. Just one small action from my part can make somebody else’s day. Then that somebody can make someone else’s day and so on. We never truly know how much we affect those around us. I might as well affect them in a positive way. Love. Acceptance. Peace,

What do you wish others would know about you that they cannot tell on the surface?

I wish my friends knew I’m actually very shy. I’m not one to start a conversation with a total stranger or to do outgoing actions in a crowd of strangers. I’m quite funny and when I’m among my loved ones, I can be very outgoing. But put me in a crowd, and you’ll see the shy, self conscious girl I truly am.
Then I also wish strangers knew I’m very funny and outgoing when I get comfortable. I can tell the cheesiest jokes and I’m very loving and trustworthy. I might be shy and quiet for some time, but sooner or later my walls will start to break down. Then when I’m comfortable around you, you’ll be happy you stuck around.