Success: It doesn’t happen overnight – also depends on your definition

Success is something everyone hopes to achieve sometime in their life. However, many people feel close to giving up multiple times on their journey to success. After all, success isn’t easy. It requires sacrifice and a nearly-unbreakable will power that few possess naturally.

Staying motivated is key to achieving success. In this post, you will learn about the amazing success stories of a few of today’s most successful individuals and how you can stay motivated, even when things seem hopeless. Nothing proves that no one is perfect faster than learning that some of your favorite famous people were once just like you.

Elvis Presley is best known for being the King of Rock N’ Roll. But this famous singer, who went on to gain millions of fans worldwide, was told by the concert hall manager at the Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry that he was better off returning to Memphis to continue his truck driving career. The heartbreaker went on to star in 31 feature films and had 149 songs appear on the Billboard’s Hot 100 Pop Chart in America.

Famous writers like Stephen King and J.K. Rolling, popular for books like It and the Harry Potter series respectively, both claim to have received a number of rejection letters as they submitted their now famous stories for publication.

Bill Gates, one of the minds behind the Microsoft Corporation, was a Harvard dropout whose first company, Traf-O-Data, flopped. He later tried to start a business with Paul Allen called Microsoft. The company has been wildly successful for decades. It is hard to go anywhere and use any computer without seeing the Microsoft logo. Gates has said in the past that he would rather hire someone who can do something creatively without formal training than someone who has a college degree who can’t think out of the box.

As you can see, so many famous people have overcome rejection and obstacles in their lives to get to where they are now. The key to overcoming is persistence. Here are a few ways you can stay motivated and end up successful:

Make realistic goals and see them through: Of course, your ultimate goal may be to make a mark on the world, but start by making a mark in your area. Start out with a realistic goal. Remember you can always change your goal later. Work hard and you’ll see the results soon enough.

Find a mentor: Mentors are a great resource for those trying to grow and learn to build up to their success. Whether it is a knowledgeable pastor or the CEO of your company, learn from them. They’ve already achieved success, so it is your turn to learn how to do the same from them.

Stand out: Don’t overload yourself, but make sure the person who can help you reach your goals for success notices you. Volunteer to help out or take and extra shift!

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