30 Poetry Quotes About Love

Putting pen to paper and writing down your feelings is one of the best ways you can truly understand and make sense of your emotions. This is especially true fod love, when all kinds of intense emotions are running wild within you. No matter whether you feel deep love for a new baby you’ve just brought into the world or a lover who has recently walked into your life, these poetry quotes about love will help you put your feelings into words so you can share them with the person who matters most to you.


How to Love Yourself: 5 Tips to Try Today

Loving others can be easy. Whether you love your family, your friends or someone you’re in a relationship with, most of us love at least once person without a problem. But loving yourself can be a totally different matter and can sometimes feel like the hardest thing in the world.┬áIf you’re struggling to truly value yourself, try these 5 tips on how to love yourself.